Mutual AID 

Our Mutual Aid Project and how you can help

The Project's Current Status:

The Phoenix Anarchist Federation holds a mutual aid distribution once a week, where we distribute food, water/assorted drinks, clothing, medical supplies, hygiene supplies, and other necessities.
Every week, we prepare 50 to 100 meals and receive meals from local organizations and businesses that want to help us.
In addition, when the weather begins to cool, we construct tent heater kits to ensure that members of our community do not freeze during the winter.

How You Can Help:


Volunteering for the weekly food distribution is the simplest way for members of the community to get involved with this project. This entails people coming down to our Central Phoenix drop location and distributing food, water, ice, clothing, and other necessities.

Find us a reliable supply source:

The members of this project fund it primarily through their own money.
Because most of us are poor, having consistent sources of supplies that we can access is extremely beneficial. It allows us to distribute more resources while putting both energy and money into expanding the project rather than scrambling for supplies.

One-time supply donation:

Donations of food, clothing, water, medical supplies, camping equipment, and other necessities are always needed. We can arrange for a pickup or find a location where the donor can drop it off.

Cash Donation:

While generally the other methods or encouraged we also do accept cash donations if you are unable to participate in the activities above. It helps us cover expenses and ensures that all our supplies stay consistent.