Our Projects

Current Projects


Support Network

The Phoenix Anarchist Federation works to connect our membership with local grassroots organizations throughout Phoenix. We do this to both assist these organizations in their growth and development while ensuring that anarchist ideas and style of organization are being encouraged. This helps to develop close relations within our communities, spread critical mutual aid projects, spread anarchist ideas, and develop community infrastructure.

Types of groups we support currently:

  • Houseless Support
  • Urban Gardening
  • Community Resource Exchanges
  • Harm Reduction

Community Education and Workshops

The Phoenix Anarchist Federation hosts workshops, screenings, skill shares, and anarchist educational events to both ensure our membership and members of our community are able to develop essential skills, come to understand anarchism and its practices fully, and develop links and a sense of solidarity between our membership and the community at large.

Types of events we host include: 

  • Anarchist Educational Screenings
  • Gardening Workshops
  • Anarchist Reading Club
  • Harm Reduction Workshops
  • Know Your Rights Training
  • Heater Bloc

Anarchist Spaces

While still in its early stages the Phoenix Anarchist Federation is working to build spaces for anarchists to hold events, fraternize, and work without the concerns that come from a capitalist and statist environment.