Jared Taylor, a prominent white supremacist and editor of American Renaissance, has been invited to speak at ASU’s Memorial Union on September 2nd at 7pm. This cannot be allowed to go unopposed.

ASU 3rd Party Ethics Hotline
(877) 786-3385

ASU President’s Office
(480) 965-8972

Memorial Union
(480) 965-5728

“I’m calling because I have concerns about an upcoming speaking event being hosted at the ASU Memorial Union. Jared Taylor, a white supremacist, has been invited to speak at an event called ‘If We Do Nothing: A Defense of White Identity Politics’. If ASU has any intention of supporting its non-white students, this event should not be allowed to continue.”

8 thoughts on “FLOOD THE PHONES!!”

  1. Expect to have to be patient with ASU’s 3rd Party Ethics Hotline. They may ask you to repeat yourselves or try to clarify what exactly you’re calling in or asking about, and there will be a hold period while they notate your report.

  2. Diversity is allowing everyone to feel safe and welcome. Allowing Jared Taylor to speak at the memorial union goes against this belief and removes all chances of accomplishing the goal of a diversified school. This should not be allowed and is ridiculous that it’s even being considered. Yes, one should have pride it ones culture(s) but white supremacy is the promotion of one culture over all and is NOT OK.

  3. To say the least, to let a man like Jared Taylor speak at ASU is extremely tone def. Even more than that it is an assault on the progress that we are making as a country to move toward equality and understanding in these tumultuous times.

  4. It is disturbing that ASU would invite a white supremacist on campus and put the lives of POC students in danger! As a student, I am at a loss for words that ASU continues to allow hate speech on campus.

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