Building Anarchy in the Valley of the Sun

Welcome to the Phoenix Anarchist Federation

About Us

We are a Federation of Anarchists dedicated to spreading anarchist ideas and building anarchist infrastructure in Phoenix.

An Anarchist Specific Group

While we have no qualms working with others to pursue common goals we believe in the creation of anarchist exclusive groups to pursue collective projects that advance anarchism and are not diluted by other ideologies.

Development of Anarchist Spaces

We see the need for anarchist spaces within our communities to not only give members of our movement a place to gather and organize but also create a permanent anarchist presence within our communities.

Direct Action and Propaganda

We believe that direct action must be complemented with propaganda to achieve any sort of material gains. We strive to build up the ability to not only help those in our community but to spread anarchist ideas and politics alongside these projects.

Anarchist Education

The educational development of our members is a key part of our organization. To both ensure they understand fully our points of unity and program but can also effectively spread, defend and develop anarchist ideas.

What Is Anarchism?


Anarchy, the negation of hierarchy, is the method of those who wish to build a liberatory world based on equality and autonomy. As anarchists, we do not seek to impose a program on others; doing so would make us no better than the authoritarians we oppose. We seek instead to create a framework for a society in which multiple worlds can coexist.

Join Up!

We are always looking for fellow anarchist who wish to work with us! If you have an interest in getting involved you can contact us below.